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If you have Ectasia or Keratoconus, you may be a good candidate for the corneal cross-linking procedure at Atlanta Vision Cataract and Laser Center in Hapeville, Georgia. Drs. David O'Day and Leonard Achiron provide a wide range of services to treat even the most complex ophthalmic conditions. To take your next step toward improved sight, contact Atlanta Vision Cataract and Laser Center today.

Corneal Cross-Linking Q & A

What is corneal cross-linking?

Corneal cross-linking is a procedure that combines advanced ultraviolet light with Riboflavin eye drops to strengthen your cornea and stop the progression of the eye disease Keratoconus. The procedure doesn't cure Keratoconus, but it does prevent it from worsening.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure itself takes less than an hour, but you can expect to be at the clinic for about two hours from start to finish. That allows ample time for registration, preparation, and the procedure.

Is corneal cross-linking painful?

Corneal cross-linking is non-invasive and almost pain-free because Dr. O'Day and Dr. Achiron give you anesthesia. That often makes it a great solution even for patients who aren’t good candidates for other surgeries.

However, most patients do experience minor discomfort during their recovery. During the 24 hours after your corneal cross-linking appointment, you might feel as if you have sand or something in your eye or experience mild burning; Tylenol and eye drops can help.

How old do I have to be to have the corneal cross-linking procedure?

Corneal cross-linking has been performed successfully on both children and adults.

There's no minimum age limit, so the decision must be made between Dr. O'Day or Dr. Achiron, the patient, and their parents or guardians where applicable. That process means considering all potential risks and benefits before making a decision.

Who performs corneal cross-linking?

Because the FDA is still studying corneal cross-linking, only clinics participating in clinical trials or using the procedure off-label offer this service.

Off-label use means the physician and the patient have agreed to proceed with the treatment fully understanding the risks and benefits associated with it.

Who is a good candidate for corneal cross-linking?

The best candidates have either Ectasia or Keratoconus, don’t have any scarring on their cornea, aren't breastfeeding or pregnant, and don't have corneas that are too steep, flat, or thin.

However, only your ophthalmologist can determine whether the procedure is right for you; schedule a consultation appointment at Atlanta Vision and Cataract Laser Center today to find out more.


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