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Wearing glasses and contacts can be inconvenient. That’s why Dr. Leonard Achiron and Dr. David O’Day are proud to provide LASIK eye surgery as an alternative to corrective eyewear. Men and women who visit the Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center, serving Atlanta and the surrounding area, receive treatment from optometrists who specialize in the most popular elective surgery worldwide. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Achiron to determine if you’re eligible for a surgery that can change your life by using the online form or calling 404-448-2557.


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Why Choose Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center for LASIK surgery?

The reason so many people choose Atlanta Vision Center for their LASIK vision correction procedure is because Dr. Achiron and Dr. O’Day have over 20 years of medical ophthalmology experience and have performed and oversaw more than 80,000 LASIK procedures. They are experts in the field, deliver extraordinary results and use the latest in technology like the Zyoptix 100.

What is LASIK?

LASIK corrective eye surgery eliminates your dependency on eyeglasses or contact lenses. This procedure treats nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism and can instantly transform your life by giving you the ability to apply makeup accurately or drive a car without the aid of glasses or contacts.

How LASIK Surgery is Performed?

During a LASIK procedure, Dr. Achiron or Dr. O’Day use numbing drops to make the procedure more comfortable. Next, they use a special surgical tool to create a circular, thin “flap” in your eye’s cornea. Finally, they fold back the flap to access the stroma (underlying the cornea) and remove a bit of the corneal tissue with an excimer laser.

The highly innovative laser has an ultraviolet light beam that removes a microscopic piece of tissue from the eye’s cornea to reshape it. This allows the eye to focus light more accurately on the retina and therefore improve vision.

If you’re nearsighted, the objective is to make the cornea flatter. If you’re farsighted, a steeper cornea is necessary.

What are the Benefits of LASIK Surgery?

Getting LASIK has many benefits. Nearly 96% of men and women regain their optimal vision immediately after this procedure. You can expect to enjoy full vision correction within 24 hours.

LASIK surgery aftercare is simple because no there are no stitches or bandages. A majority of men and women hardly ever have to use corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses, and many no longer require them at all.

As your vision changes due to the natural aging process, Dr. Achiron and Dr. O’Day can make surgical adjustments to maintain your optimal vision.


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Do Dr. Achiron and Dr. O’Day use any other treatment methods?

Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center offers an advanced technique called the Zyoptix 217. It’s a surgery in the same category as LASIK but is a more advanced and accurate treatment.

Using 100Hz of power and a unique laser, Dr. Achiron or Dr. O’Day use the Zyoptix 217 to correct standard refractive errors and errors that cause minor problems, such as shading around light. Traditional LASIK only treats major eye issues and isn’t as personalized of a treatment.

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Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center gladly accepts most all insurances and health plans. If you don’t see your insurance provider, please contact our office. Also, please be sure to bring your insurance card with you every time you visit and notify the front desk whenever your insurance coverage changes; this way we can accurately maintain your important medical records.

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